kokoroDB – PHP database Library

logo_01kokoroDB is library that I have created to interact with the Database. This library will free the developers from the tedious work of prepare statements, binding variables and more. So far the library allows you to select and insert information, works with PHP PDO, and store the error messages on an array.

More settings and capabilities will be added on the future like:

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[Plugin Dairy] – jQuery Datatable

036The jQuery plugin Datatable is a plugin that will allow you to have many features on a HTML table. This plugin is so simple to use, but if you need more complex thing you can also achieve them since the plugin is full of features that can be customize, it also includes an event listener for the action on the table.

Among the features of the Datatable plugin you can have:



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How to use Ajax to find a Record with jQuery UI Autocomplete, PHP, MySQL and Json – Part 1

035I have been creating posts with scripts to do small stuff. On this post I would like to show/teach you how to implement the jQuery UI Autocomplete Widget. I have to remark that for the style of the application I am using Bootstrap, so the most important thing is the html code of the form and the Javascript code.

I would like to show you a diagram of the application flow so click it to enlarge.


As you can see the application will load the information when the page loads, this is why the tutorial is Part 1, on further tutorial the information will not be loaded until the user type the information to search. Now, the code.

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Why the question mark on a SQL query? (VIDEO)

Giving answer to one comments that ask about a question mark in one of my tutorials ( http://behstant.com/blog/?p=662 ) I have created this small answer.


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Using Ajax to search a Record with PHP, MySQL and jQuery (Look and Feel by Bootstrap)

I have created a few post about how to Search, Update and Delete data from a MySQL Database with PHP and PDO. Those tutorials are quite simple, but they are very important to follow this tutorial if have never work with this technologies. The tutorials are in Spanish so if you really need them in English I will be glad to translate them.

Something that I would like to remark is that I will give you the scripts to follow this tutorial, so don’t worry :D.

In order to create a nice look and feel to the page I have implemented the framework Boostrap, but if you don’t want to focus on the look and feel you only have to focus on the Form, the event to Fire the Ajax request and the server to process your request.

The next flow chart will show the path that we are going to cover:

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