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Installing Oracle 11g R2 on WIndows 7

oracleAs many of you know Oracle is the top leader on Database Performance and Management, there are many databases on the market but believe me at my Job I work with thousands of records on Oracle, I mean thousands. I will not take away the credit on the other Databases though. On this tutorial I will guide you through the installation process on Windows 7.

I am creating a PHP library to work with different databases, right now it includes connections for MySQL and Oracle, and this is why I am making this tutorial because before you connect to Oracle you must have it on you system.

I let you know that if you have installed Oracle before then this tutorial will help you only as a reference, otherwise keep reading a follow the steps.




2.- Selecting the Windows Version.

Here you will select the version for your Operating System on this time we are selecting the 32 Bits version.

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