• Majo says:

    tengo una consulta sobre javascript,

    la aplicación web debe permitir como crear párrafos, a partir del formulario HTML ubicado en la capa izquierda como lo muestra la siguiente imagen.


    y intente muchas veces y no funciono


  • Reedyseth says:

    Tu imagen esta rota, postea una nueva !!

  • Majo says:

    necesito tu ayuda, mira el link q te envie, lo hice yo, no era el mismo lo que pide el profe, estoy complicadisima.


  • Reedyseth says:

    Quieres seleccionar el div y luego moverlo con las flechas verdad ?

  • Majo says:

    asi es, no se como hacer el javascript :/

  • Reedyseth says:

    Tiene que se con puro javascript o puedes usar cualquier libreria, como jQuery ?

  • Majo says:

    no, no necesita un jquery,

    hay q modificar algo de js, cuando click la flecha, el cuadrado roja se mueve hacia al cuadrado (colores distintos en 4 cuadrados)

  • Reedyseth says:

    Te agregue al hangout !

  • alberto says:

    hola tengo un formulario
    En el formulario recibo los dos select de ciudad y estado ok aqui estan:

    for ($i=0;$i
    <option value="” title=””>

    <option value="” title=””>

    ok cuando escribo los datos en la base de datos solo me escribe el id_ciudad y Id_estado no me coloca en nombre de la ciudad y estado correspondiente aqui esta la consulta:

    insert into ciudad_estado values(null,’15’,’15’) el 15 corresponde a la ciudad y el otro 15 a su estado correspondiente pero la idea es que coloque el nombre la ciudad y del estado.
    gracias por lo que puedas recomendarme

    • Reedyseth says:

      Ok compañero, mira podrias pegar el código en esta página:


      Para que se mas fácil de leer. Este comentario va en la sección de Q&A, en cuanto llegue a mi casa hago los cambios en la base de datos para moverlo, ya que wordpress no me deja.


      • Reedyseth says:

        Hola Alberto, ya cambie tu post a la seccion de Q&A, tambien actualize tu subscripcion a los comentarios.

        Ya vi que pegaste tu código, para fines del blog y reducir el spam, le puse una contraseña y le cambie el formato a php, la contraseña es help.

        Voy a revisar tu código y te aviso.


  • Giber Abad says:

    Hola, soy totalmente nuevo en PHP, SQL y HTML. Estoy desarrollando una aplicacion en HTML y necesito conectarme a una base de datos para que los usuarios puedan guardar archivos y asimismo puedan ver su historial de documentos en la pagina. Estoy buscando algún tutorial de como poder crear sesiones para cada usuario, ya sea que yo decida quienes son los que usarán la herramienta, así como solicitar el acceso a la misma. No se si puediaras ayudarme, tengo un buen de preguntas por hacer, y no encuentro quien me las responda. Saludo.

  • Eli says:

    Hi I am posting here because it will not allow me to submit a comment on the page of the tutorial. I am using your search ajax and php search tutorial for my project.

    In my situation, I am using html and javascript to write a mobile application, and because of this, all of my php must be accessed remotely by ajax request.

    I will have to specify my php file url on my server in the ajax request instead of referencing it locally. So the only difference that I see is that your index.php makes a connection to the database before your ajax requests the php file (and you have index.php instead of index.html). Why did you do this? Is it something that will cause problems in my situation?

    • Reedyseth says:

      Hello Eli,

      Do you find any issue on the Post for not adding a comment?

      As for your question about changing the file extension to HTML, you can change it, just remove all the PHP code otherwise it will output the code. The connection in the beginning of the file is useless, I don’t remember why is there, you can delete it as well.


  • Eli says:

    Thank you! This is what I thought – I just wasn’t sure if the php connection was there for some important reason.

    And every time I tried to comment on the post, I got an error page that said invalid captcha. The math problem for human verification was “_ – seven = 2” and it wouldn’t accept 9 as an answer I think.

  • user says:

    I know this isn’t the place for this, but I don’t have a wordpress nor a git hub account. I couldn’t find a contact email for you without digging, which I don’t have time for. This is my first time trying your plugin. Just wanted to let you know, that I installed comments reloaded on a site with 6000 comments. I thought that it wasn’t enabling replies on the old comments, but it was just unable to do it on so many at once. I’m not sure if it’s a limitation of your software or my webserver/php settings are set low enough to prevent it from completing. I’m not looking right now either as I have already wasted too much time on it and disabling-enabling 4 times fixed it. Just letting you know that there was no indication of a failure. It failed to update the comments silently. Frustrating for users.

  • user says:

    Never mind. I thought it was importing them all be cause the number of subscriptions in the “search subscriptions” area was increasing. It turns out that it just created the same ones over and over again. So, I have 7 copies of each of the 1000 or so ones that it created…..

    • Reedyseth says:


      Usually the plugin imports comments from some subscriptions plugins like the one from Comment Reply and some others.

      It does not take older comments and add a subscription status to them. It will star working with the upcoming subscriptions.

      I am in the process of fixing some bugs of the plugin.


  • Taylor says:

    Hey there!
    I am an avid fan of your wp plugin StCR and I was wondering if it also allowed readers to subscribe to the whole blog for future posts? Or was it mainly just for a single blog post?

    Also, I would love to make it so that someone could subscribe to just certain categories of posts? Really just want to create a widget for the gutter to allow someone to subscribe to my movie posts… if that makes sense.


    • Reedyseth says:

      Hello Taylor,

      Thank you for keeping in touch. For now the plugin only allow to subscribe to a single post, the option to subscribe to get a notification when a new post is added will be available on the future, but I don’t have a ETA for this feature.

      Using subscriptions by category sounds a very attractive feature, I will considere to add it as well.

      Best Regards.!!

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